Avalon Beach Estates Community Swimming Pool


Owners and guests of Avalon Beach Estates can enjoy a large 60’ pool with a beautiful waterfall that gives off a soothing trickling sound as they relax by the pool. 

The pool is surrounded by a spacious deck tiled with pavers that has four tables, each having four chairs and an umbrella.  There are an additional 16 lounge chairs that provide plenty of seating any time they want to enjoy the pool.  The pool area is great for parties and social gatherings and has both men’s and women’s bathhouses with showers, sinks, rest rooms and a changing area. 

Owners and guests are asked to help keep the pool area clean and safe by placing all trash in provided receptacles and replacing chairs when they leave.  Also, there is no running in the pool area, no diving, and no climbing on the fountain.  Children under 14 must be accompanied by a responsible adult and no glass of any kind is allowed in the pool area.  Come and enjoy.  See you there.


Avalon Beach Estates Community Tennis/Pickleball Courts


Avalon Beach Estates has a tennis court and two pickleball courts reserved exclusively for the use of members and guests of Avalon Beach Estates Homeowners Association.

They are maintained by the Homeowners Association and are kept in excellent condition, year round. 

The association encourages all players to dress in proper tennis attire, including rubber soled tennis shoes.   Golf shoes, black soled tennis shoes and street shoes are not allowed on the courts due to possible damage that may result to the courts’ surface.   There is no age limit for anyone who wishes to use the courts, however, the association encourages parents or adults to accompany children younger than 12 who may wish to use the courts. 

Food and beverages are not allowed on the courts and players must ensure that all trash is cleaned from within the court fences and placed in nearby refuse containers when they are finished using the courts.

No glass is allowed on the courts at any time and skateboards, roller blades/skates and bicycles are prohibited.