Security Incidents

April 2nd 2019

Last night, April 2nd, at about 9 pm the Avalon Security Patrol confronted four individuals that were going up into driveways here in Avalon Beach Estates.  They were not staying here and when confronted, they ran away.  With the tourist season upon us it is very important that we all stay vigilant.  Any vehicles parked in driveways should be locked and garaged doors closed.

November 16th 2018

A home intrusion was attempted at a house here in Avalon Beach Estates.  It was about 11 pm when the owners were awakened by their security alarm system.  Their security monitoring company immediately called and confirmed that the alarm was set off by a door in a second bedroom that had outside access.  No intruders were seen as they probably left immediately upon hearing the security alarm, however, significant damage was done to the door they were trying to access the home from.  Stay alert as you never know when something like this could happen again.

July 13 2016
The Walton County Sheriff's Office advised Avalon Beach HOA today that a suspected car thief is living in the Maravilla Condominium area.

Therefore, if you park your car outside at night to be sure that it is locked. If you park your cars in a garage, make sure the door is down and locked for better security.


Two incidents of "fence Jumping' occurred during the April portion of Spring Break.  Students jumped the fence in the rear of  470 Avalon Boulevard and entered our Neighborhood.  Entry was made from the trailer park on the other side of the fence.  Another Fence Incident occurred at 296 Avalon Boulevard.  The resident was on the deck of her swimming pool in the rear of her home, when a man jumped her fence, again from the trailer park on the other side of the fence.  The resident called out to the intruder and he immediately jumped back across the fence.  On another occasion, a young young white male was seen walking around Alcolon Cove going between homes until he was encouraged to leave by residents.  The key is for residents to call the Sheriff and report the incident in as much detail as possible to encourage the Sheriff's patrols to make more frequent trips throughout our neighborhood.  If we don't call and report these incidents, we won't get the increased patrol activity form the Sheriff we need. If you have your camera or smartphone with camera, take a picture of the intruder or incident if you can. Finally, a resident on Sagris Cove had someone knock on the front door around 3:30 AM.  There was no one at the door when the resident answered.  We have had these incidents before, so be aware and if you happen to be awake and around in the wee morning hours and notice someone around the front of homes, make a call to the Sheriff without delay. Do not try to stop anyone yourself.

MAY 28-29 2012

A truck parked behind a residence on Paginet was broken into this past weekend and reportedly a firearm and iPad were stolen.  No more details are known.  If you see suspcious activity report it promptly.  The number for the Sheriffs office is 850 267-2000.  Keep house lights on and turn on all security systems.

APRIL 10 2012
We recently had another security incident at a house on Alcolon Cove.  A women in a bronze Lincoln Navigator was seen in the driveway at 54 Alcolon Cove at about 11 pm.  A neighbor saw the woman walking around the house and then followed the woman as she left the subdivision and returned to a neighboring subdivision.  This morning the neighbor discovered that a cushion to an expensive chaise lounge was missing from her backyard.  Suspecting the woman from the night before, the neighbor called the Sheriff and met with a deputy at the suspect woman’s house.  A confrontation developed between the Sheriff’s deputy and the suspect woman resulting in the woman being arrested for assault on the deputy.   All owners are urged to be vigilant, and if they see something like this immediately call the Walton County Sheriff at 850 267-2000

MARCH 12TH 2012
There were two incidents on March 12, here in Avalon Beach Estates that show that our Neighborhood Watch Program is working.
1.  late in the afternoon of March 12th, a man, who was rather poorly dressed and carrying what appeared to be an empty plastic gallon jug, crossed into our neighborhood from Maravilla.  He began roaming the neighborhood, going to people out in their yards asking for some gasoline.  He had a long story about his car running out of gas, but he was most likely canvassing the neighborhood for vacant houses.
2. That evening, March 12, a resident who lives along Avalon Boulevard heard the distinct sound of grass breaking from the house across the street which he knew to be unoccupied.  He immediately called 911 and reported the incident.  A Walton County sheriff's deputy arrived shortly and determined that there was an attempted break in at approximately 8:30PM.  The intruder had broken a window but did not gain entry.
If you have an alarm system we highly encourage you to set it each time you leave your house.  If you are a part time resident, again, insure your alarm system is set to protect your home in Avalon during your absence.